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We at Making Connections are inspired by a simple but powerful idea: that people living within a community have a natural gift for friendship and a desire to reach out to those around them.

Life changes associated with old age such as bereavement, driving cessation and illness can mean that a person is lonely and isolated or is experiencing a loss of role or an inability to engage in an activity they once loved. Something as simple as a regular visitor can have enormous benefits for the health and well-being of the person.

We promote a culture of social connectedness by introducing volunteers to older members of the community. We carefully consider the interests, hobbies and personality of the older person and the volunteer, as we believe this to be the foundation to a lasting relationship. This has resulted in happy and stimulating friendships based on commonalities. Such friendships not only provide a source of companionship but a motivation to re-engage in something meaningful; the results of which are long lasting.

There is a magic here that we cannot pin down. Nor can we predict the full range of experiences you will gain by taking part, because the possibilities are limitless.

All we can do is help you make the connection.

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