Connecting the generations when the clocks go back
When the clocks go back an hour, it’s an extra hour in bed right? But what if we could gain so much more?

Non-profit organisation, Making Connections has launched Give an Hour Gain an Hour to challenge people to use their extra hour to share some good times with an older person. Participants are also encouraged to share a story and photo on Facebook depicting what they both gained to celebrate the contribution of older people. The campaign aims to inspire the Nation to connect the generations and help to tackle stereotyping, isolation and loneliness.

“The campaign was inspired by feedback from our intergenerational befriending service.” Explains Mary O’Donohue, CEO, Making Connections. “A volunteer once said about the lady she visits “she’s totally changed my view of what an older person is… her mind is so youthful, and she’s so current!” This is why with Give an Hour Gain an Hour we believe that just an hour can inspire real social change.”


Melissa Mark is one of the first to share her story “With my extra hour I spent some time with the lovely Rose. We had a cheese and wine evening and put the world to rights! Rose told me all about her job working as a dress designer, she shared with me photos from her wedding – she had made the bridesmaid dresses and her own wedding dress but was so busy getting everyone else organised she ran out of time and had only tacked her own dress together!! We had a lovely fun evening and plan to do it again very soon!”

Connecting the generations is also a great way to find out something you never knew about a friend or family member. Aisling Corristine explains, “with my extra hour… I chatted about anything and everything with Deirdre King, I also discovered that her dad was a professional golfer who taught Samuel Beckett how to play”

To get involved and share your Give an Hour Gain an Hour story see here for details. The only question now is, what will your extra hour?

For more information, interview and quotes contact: Mary O’Donohue, CEO, Making Connections Ph: 01 295 1053 | E: