At Making Connections, we go to great lengths to match the volunteer with the person they visit based on shared interests. This is a good foundation on which they can build a lasting relationship. It also facilitates the older person reengaging in an activity they once loved, which can have a very positive effect on their overall health and well-being.

Here is an example: Martin, a man in his 70’s was left with a void in this life when his wife passed away. Once an outdoor man, the depression he endured for many years and a recent fall meant he had lost his passion for gardening and never got the opportunity to use his brand new poly tunnel.

He had worked for years as a landscaper and was well experienced with gardening. Martin was delighted to be introduced to Gavin, who also loved gardening and missed it since he came to live in an apartment in Dublin. Gavin was surprised when he returned for his second visit to see a great deal of work had been done in the garden. Martin felt Gavin’s visits had given him “the urge ”to get back into a hobby he enjoyed so much.

Each week Gavin and Martin enjoy sharing tips and learning from each other’s experience. After months of working side by side in the poly tunnel, the pair are now beginning to enjoy their own home-grown produce.