David’s Story

A man missing his Garden

Martin was referred to us after he was left with a void in his life when his wife passed away. The depression he endured for many years and a recent fall meant he had lost his ability to engage in his passion for gardening. The brand new but empty poly-tunnel outside his window reminded him daily of his limitations.

David has been visiting Martin now for almost a year. Each week the pair enjoy their passion of gardening together, assisting each other, sharing tips and learning from each other’s experiences. After the first two months working side by side they were able to start enjoying their own home-grown produce, a source of great joy and pride for both of them.

Martin explained that the companionship with David has given him a new lease of life. “We have helped each other to rediscover our hobby through our shared passion… I now feel ‘that urge’ for gardening again which I had lost for years.”